About Us

We have all experienced a moment which after it passed us by, we reflected and thought, we could have responded or acted in a different way... "a better way". It’s easy to look back in retrospect and think "we are better than that", but it’s far harder to challenge ourselves to be better in that moment

We live in a time where being better has to start with us. As Americans we can show each other how to be more kind, considerate, and consciously choose to understand each other. If we treat each other as equals, with the mutual respect people owe one another, we can amplify our humanity. Through communities, towns, states, and beyond we will grow and will never again need to look back to say "we can be better than that". If we can start this movement at home, we can work to being the global citizens we ought to be.

Reunite The People is more than just red, white, and blue. We celebrate and nurture all of our country’s interconnection and inclusivity, and we can spread that message everywhere. We stand for each other and as such a portion of our profits goes back to think tanks and charities promoting unity in our country and beyond.

Our differences are our strength, and combined we are a better whole.